A thrill for sports teams, families, community groups, youth and adults alike! 

Are you a thrill seeker that wants to be chased? Do you love feeling the excitement of anticipation? Your heart pounding against your chest while in the midst of an adventure. Imagine that feeling as it rises exponentially while being tracked and chased down by our mantrackers and their horses on the trails following the river side while you try to find your way back home.

The activity typically does not take more then 2 hours. You will start in St.Jacobs (drop off 1000 Old Scout place) you will have to make your way back to the barn (535 Northfield Drive East) following the trails and collecting “lives”, while being tracked by 2 of our mantrackers on horseback all while trying not to be caught! Your group will be split into teams of approximately 5people depending on your group size. Along the trail you will find “lives”. The goal is to collect as many “lives” as you can without being caught. Every time you are caught you will have to surrender one of your “lives”. The team with the most “lives” at the end wins!

*Mantracker starting and drop off location is in St.Jacobs the end is at the farm in Waterloo. Your own transportation must be arranged*

– 10 people or less = $125.00 + HST in total.

– 11 or more people = $12.50 + HST per a person

What to wear

Long pants and shirts to protect from plants like raspberry bushes and stinging nettle when hiding in the long grasses. Supportive shoes that you can run in but are comfortable to get muddy.

For more information or to reserve a spot please contact the office:
Phone: 1-519-888-6503

Office hours for inquiries and bookings are 9am-5pm. Outside of office hours, this phone number is our emergency line for urgent situations at the barn. 

booknowMantracker Map

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Direction to Mantracker starting point:

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 12.56.10 PM

Option 1: OPEN 

Starting location: 1000 Old Scout Place, St. Jacobs (Can be found on google maps)

Coming from Waterloo

  1.  North on King street in St.Jacobs turn  right onto Printery Rd (Only has one entrance off of King)
  2. Follow Printery Rd until you get to 1000 Old Scout Place, turn right onto Old Scout (Only one entrance and exit onto Old Scout)
  3. Follow Old Scout to the end of the road – This is your meeting location for your group
  4. Once all of your team has arrived, walk as a group on the trail (go left) towards underneath the overpass (That is where you’ll meet the horses)

Option 2: CLOSED Turn onto driveway (790 King Street) in between Max’s Sport and the highway. Follow driveway through 2 farms onto Old Scout Place. Turn right onto Old Scout. Trail entrance is hidden behind dirt pile but is accessible. At trail foot path entrance, go left and follow trail under the overpass. The horses are not allowed to walk up to meet at this part of the trail. So we will meet at the river.

Plants to watch our for!

Please make your group aware of the plants out on the trail that they should avoid contact with!