Until the snow flies we will keep our mantracker open! With the rain and damp days we’ve been having lately  for the safety of our horses we are only able to walk out on the trail, which leads to a slower chase.

Thrill seekers love that feeling of their heart pounding against their chest while in the midst of an adventure. Imagine that feeling as it rises exponentially while being chased down on the trails by us on our horses. The activity should not take longer then 2 hours. You will start in St.Jacobs with a map and will have to make your way back to the barn (535 Northfield Drive east) following the trails and collecting “lives”, while being chased by 2 staff members on horseback. Your group will be split in to groups depending on your size. Along the trail you will find “lives”. The goal is to collect as many “lives” as you can without being caught. Every time you are caught you will have to surrender one of your “lives”. The team with the most “lives”at the end wins.

Pricing: 12 people or less – $120+HST

13 – 20 people – $11 +HST

Mantracker available:

April – June: 7 days a week

July – August: Monday – Friday

Sept – October: 7 days a week

For $15 per person you can order T-Shirts:


Mantracker Map




Direction to Mantracker starting point:

Turn on to Printery Rd in St Jacobs Right on to Old Scout Pl At the end of the cul-de-sac to the left is a foot path that joins up with the Health Valley Trail. 364 meters North of Old Scout Pl. We are to meet under the HWY 85 Bridge on the Health Valley Trail.

Plants to watch our for!

Please make your group aware of the plants out on the trail that they should avoid contact with!