Trail Rides

Experience the beauty of the Conestogo river’s forests, wildlife and landscape from horseback.  We have hundreds of acres of trails along and through the Conestogo River. We may be biased to say, it is the nicest in Ontario!

Your trail guide will give you an introduction to the basics of riding before assigning an appropriate horse. Our trail guides will partner you with one of the seasoned trail horses to take you on your adventure. Your ride will start from the hitching posts and mounting block then to the gentle rolling field of our pastures overlooking the farm. From there the trail winds through the forest ridge coming down to the river landscape through the apple trees. Following alongside the river and crossing the river until you reach one of the most breathtaking forests. We call that section “enchanted forest”. The forest will take you along the water where you will be overtaken by the sound of birdsongs and the river rustling beside you. Just think, this is only the beginning of your horseback adventure.

As you continue your adventure, be on the lookout and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife. Often you will see some of the wild creatures like great blue herons, eagles, ospreys, ducks, fish spawn, turtles, deer, foxes, coyotes, and rabbits to mention just a few.

Call the office: 1-519-888-6503 leave a Voicemail.
Reservations are required for all trails. It is suggested to call the office 7 days in advance for weekend bookings. For weekday bookings it is suggested at least 3-4 days in advance. Sometimes, we can include you in an already existing trail as room warrants with less advanced booking notice.

1-hour trail ride: $65.00 HST included
2-hour trail ride: $100.00 HST included (season dependent as we need to go through the river)
4-hour trail ride into St. Jacobs: $200.00 HST included
(4-hour trails depart at 10:00am and 1:00pm Monday – Friday season dependent, as we need to go through the river)   
We are open all holidays, but an additional $10.00 fee per person will be applied.

As this is a service industry (similar to a waiter/waitress) if you enjoy your ride and feel that your guide did an excellent job a 10% tip is encouraged. Guides and attendees keep 100% of tips.

Speed: Trails are ridden at walk only
Age Requirement: 12 & up are allowed on the trails only
Weight of Rider: 245lbs maximum
24 hour cancellation policy: in effect unless in the case of extreme weather where a 3 hour cancellation is required. We go rain or shine but not thunder and lightning. Voicemail is acceptable if you can’t reach us. Otherwise a $25 no go fee is applied to the card on file.

No go fee: is the full price of your activities even if you are too tender hearted to follow through with the planned adventure. Unfortunately the horses still have an overhead cost when they are not working. So even if you are missing out on the adventure the full fees still apply.
RIDERS UNDER THE AGE OF 18: require written permission from a guardian to go on trails and are required to wear safety riding helmets, which are provided by Conestogo River Horseback Adventures. This written permission can be acceptable on the waiver.

ARRIVAL: Arrive at least 20 MINUTES prior to your scheduled departure time. This allows time for payment,  covid-19 screening, meeting your guide & horses, checking in, fitting riders with approved safety helmets and introduction to the basics of trail riding.
Check In is at our log office by the parking upon your arrival. Please scan the QR code on the door to start Covid screening and waiver of liability form.  If we are not there, check behind the large white roofed arena where the deck is, as we are most likely preparing the horses. Please fill out one of the paper waiver forms if you are having technical difficulty. Located on the counter inside the log office or download the form (waiver) and bring it with you on the day of your trail.

– Long pants: to avoid pinching and chafing from the saddle, exposure to the elements, bugs and plants
 Close toed boots or shoes: preferably with a small heel of 1-1/2″ not 6″ to prevent slipping (examples: Blundstones, Doc Martens, hiking boots, rubber boots, cow boy boots etc).
– Sandals are NOT permitted
– Helmets: are mandatory for riders 18 and younger, but all riders are encouraged to wear helmets. Helmets are available and included in your trail pricing.
– Phones & Cameras: are welcome and encouraged! #CRHBA We encourage you to bring a sports waterproof case lanyard so you don’t lose your phone to the river. We may not be able to retrieve dropped items.

Call the office: 1-519-888-6503 leave a voicemail 
Reservations are required for all trails. Call the office 7 days in advance for weekends, and at least 3-4 days in advance for weekday rides. Although sometimes, we can include you in an already existing trail as room warrants with less notice.

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(Online 3rd party booking system has fees associated)