Camp summary

Registration for 2023 Summer Camp is now open! Please note a deposit of $125 is required to secure your child’s spot. Deposits can be e-transferred to Invoices will be sent after the deposit is received.

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Camp question:

Yes our camps are running! We have been able to consistently offer camp non stop for 28 years.

Horse / Equestrian  Camp  

Designed  for the horse-crazy kids age 7-13. Activities include riding lesson,  horse theory, games and Crafts. Some weeks are age specific. *Horse Camp 2023 is now FULL* 

Survival Camp    

Designed for kids that desire to explore; ages 7-13yr. We will be teaching basic survival skills by doing actives such as raft building, animal tracking , flora & fauna identification, hiking and fire building. This will prep for our Mantracker reenactment.

Farm Camp          

Designed for the little kids that desire to nurture nature; ages 4-6yr. We will teach responsibility for the animals and be active outside. Activities include a pony ride, farm theory and animal time each day.

LIT (leadership in training) Camp             

Designed for the maturing kids that desire to be involved with the day to day operation of running the camps.  Understanding the responsibility of a leadership and given opportunity to be actively involved with all the different camps that we offer to assist with delivering curriculum games and crafts.  Ages 13yr and up

Spring Break    $85 per day

Designed like our horse camp format during March school break. The option is available to sign up for a day or the whole consecutive week. Most kids end up signing up for the whole fun filled week. Ages 7-13

Winter Break    $85 per day

Designed like our horse camp format over the Christmas holidays. The option is available to sign up for a specific day or multiple days over the holidays. Flexibility of which days is a benefit for families that don’t always have the same time off. It is usually a colder time of year, so this is for the kids that want to keep active outside. 7-13yr

P.D day  $85 per day

Designed like our horse camp format for the days off during the school year. This can be requested for non regulated days such as when the teachers go on strike or private school boards are on a different schedule. Minimum of 5 attendees required.