Leaders in Training Camp

Yes our camps are running! Please view our Health & Safety Protocols Summer Camp 2020 for updated procedures.

Introducing a new camp experience for kids ages 11 and up!

Our leaders in training program focuses on establishing 6 key skills to assist youth in developing their own sense of self awareness and providing them with the tools needed to build a solid foundation for personal growth.

Our program provides a supportive environment which focuses on establishing skills in the following areas, creating the building blocks of a confident leader.

  1. Assertiveness – Learning to be assertive in a healthy way using initiative and direction, rather than resorting to bullying tactics.
  2. Emotional Awareness – Exploring their own emotional responses as well as those of their peers, reflecting on resulting behaviours and non-verbal cues.
  3. Stress Tolerance – Embracing exposure to horses, being larger animals who can often lead to feelings of anxiety or intimidation, we work to overcome and cope with uncomfortable situations and vulnerability.
  4. Self Empowerment – Many youth struggle with self esteem and sense of value, causing insecurities to thrive. Overcoming obstacles and tackling new skills builds confidence and empowers them to master other aspects of their own growth.
  5. Problem-Solving Skills – Working through various tasks arranged within the program allows opportunities for youth to examine the best attitude  with which to approach problems at hand. This requires creativity, thinking, and leadership.
  6. Interpersonal Relationships – Our small groups and small counsellor to youth ratio provides a nonjudgmental safe place for youth to build trust and explore effective interpersonal skills while fostering strong relationships with others.

dsc00002Our facility offers unique Leadership opportunities by immersing Our LiT campers in hands on experiences within our other camps.

We offer two options for our LiT camp programs.

1st Semester – Monday through Friday, July 5th- July 23rd

2nd Semester – Monday through Friday, Aug 3rd – Aug 20th

For this three week program the first two weeks are $226 for each week.  Once completing the first two weeks, LiT campers are invited back for a complimentary third week, where they are extended the opportunity to return to camp and practice develop their new skills by taking on leadership roles within the other camps.

Camp runs from 9am – 4pm, early and late care available for an additional fee.

registration form

Camp Check List (LiT camp does not require a helmet deposit)

payments can made via e-transfers to info@horsebackadventures.ca. Please include a note in your email transfer indicating the participant name and program/dates.

Registration forms will not be processed until a deposit is made.

We require a $25 deposit per day of camp with registration form. This deposit is non refundable.