Horseback Riding Lessons

With 20 years experience in the national and international show rings, our coaches are here to guide you on your education journey. CRHBA  believes in creating equestrians from the ground up with equal riding, horsemanship and sportsmanship skills alike. From the beginner to advanced equestrian, we can build your skills, confidence and overall ability aiding you in reaching your goals be it in English disciplines or western disciplines. Lesson on one of our beginner mounts or on one of our more advanced horses or ponies. The lesson horses will not jump hire than 2′ Ages 7  and up, beginner adult & Rusty Stirrup riders welcome!

Here at CRHBA lessons run year round. We are privileged to have an indoor arena, jumps, western gaming obstacles and dressage letters. Spectators can view lessons from our heated or fan equipped viewing room with full plumbing restroom facilities. In the summer months, our indoor arena opens up for a full cross breeze, but shades us from the sun. Our indoor has natural lighting during the day thanks to our fabric roof and LED lighting for the evenings. The arena also has a sprinkler system to ensure the dust is kept down for horses and our health. The viewing room is equipped with fans on those hot summer days. Additionally, we have an outdoor sand ring for the kinder weather with bleachers for spectators.  We have hundreds of acres in forest and fields trails along and through the Conestogo River. This gives us the privilege to hack and trail ride among the beautiful scenery. We may be biased to say, it is the nicest in Ontario!


You are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled arena time to catch and prepare your own horse. Depending on students level and coaches discretion, grooming and tacking may be incorporated into the lesson. If the student cannot tack independently, then that is part of their lesson. The student’s parent / entourage is welcomed to help groom and tack if necessary.  From time to time, depending on the students level, a grounded lesson in horsemanship can be an opportunity to diversify your learning.  Topics such as poulticing or sweating horses legs, different types of bits, bridles, martingales, saddles and equipment’s mechanics/uses to learning how to lunge the horse etc. Here at the horseback adventures riding school, we believe in creating true equestrians, not passengers.

1. Private Lessons:
Cost: $220.00 HST = 4 lessons (others could be warming up privately in the space)
Duration: 30 minutes of arena time.

2. Group Lessons: 
Cost: $190.00 HST = 4 lessons, ratio of 5 / 6 people in the arena with one lead instructing coach.
Duration: 1hour of devoted arena time.

3. Saddle Club
Cost: $375.00 HST included = 6 sessions in a split group format available off summer season.
Duration: Each session includes 2 hours devoted between riding, horse time and equestrian theory covering varying topics such as grooming, tacking up, saddle parts, riding disciplines, medical, nutrition and more.
For more information please visit our saddle club page by clicking here. 

Lesson Policies

Payment for lessons is generally due before the start of each month via e-transfer to If you are starting mid month, you can pay for prorated month plus the following month in advance.  The days that land on the fifth week of every month are reserved for make-up lessons, one time lessons, and scheduled workshops and clinics alike. If you require a make up lesson, please email and book through the office directly not the coach.

For more information or to reserve a spot please contact us via email at

Cancellation of a lessons must be notified by an email and voicemail 24hrs in advance.  The lesson will still be counted as part of their package but a make up session can be arranged at the end of the month.

Late arrival will cut into arena time, and will result into a reduced length of lesson. You are expected to arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled arena time to catch and prepare your own horse. Arriving earlier than 30 minutes may not have a staff available to assist. If the student cannot tack independently, then that is part of their lesson.

Attire/Equipment for Beginner Students:
For the first 1-5 lessons, students can opt to attend the lesson in basic attire that is still safety conscious but comfortable. The tack shops listed below may have packages that list the basics of equestrian attire. We have approved equestrian helmets that can be borrowed during this time but providing your own helmet after a month is strongly suggested.

Clothing Attire:
1. Boots: 1-1/2 inch heel (rubber boots, blundstone, Cowboy boots work type boot etc.)
2. Flexible Pants / tights: long
3. Polo or Sports type t-shirt: Covering the shoulders and all of torso/chest. (No tube tops, tank tops etc.)
4. Coat/Sweater: Fitted, avoid hoods when possible (in the cooler months, layer up!)
5. Equestrian helmet: borrowed from the Riding School up to 5 rides. Rental fee is available

Beginner Equestrian Attire:
1. Paddock or Field boots: lace up or a blundstone type Cowboy boots (no steel toes please).
2. Half Chaps: Sitting just under the knee. These should fit snug as they stretch over time
3. Riding Pants: Many options: (western can be riding pants or jeans)
4. Shirts: Polo or Equestrian Sun type shirt I Sweaters/coats preferably no hood
(Western can be polo shirt, button up colored shirt or polo/sun shirt)
5. Riding gloves: Equestrian gloves can be a wide range of prices. Gardening gloves is a great temporary option.
6. ASTM approved Riding helmet: A helmet cover is encouraged keep your helmet scratch free
(Helmets expire 5 years after the manufacturing date located in the helmet)
7. ASTM approved Crash Vest or the adult version of the Tipperary crash vest:
Vests are NOT MANDATORY, but recommended.

As students move up the levels just like in other sports, they will need more equipment/gear overtime to ensure safety and continued progression. Be aware. When asked, please get equipment in a timely matter. It effects your riding/safety. If students want their own leg wear for horses, we prefer students to buy boots for their horses, not polo wraps to prevent leg injury. 

Going in person is best unless you are certain on your size, otherwise all these shops deliver!
– Pleasant Ridge  Brantford
Greenhawk Equestrian Sport – Cambridge
(Many starter packages. We encourage you to upgrade the helmet)
Bahr Saddlery Ltd   Hornby
(Excellent English men & boys section)
Brubacher’s Harness Supplies Inc. Wallenstein far side of Elmira
(Used and new sections)

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