COVID-19 General Health & Safety Protocol

The health and safety of the general public, and all of our friends and family at CRHBA, is of the utmost importance. Ensuring our facilities are safe for everyone will be essential as we resume operations. The following outlines our Operations Plan, which will recognize and mitigate risks related to COVID-19, acknowledging informed evidence-based decisions on continuing our business. It is our belief that, with the implementation of proper mitigation measures, biosecurity plans, and best practices, we are able to maintain business operations while continuing to safeguard the health and safety of the general public.


  • Entry to the farm is by appointment .
  • Please wear a mask until you are up on your horse.
  • Please wear a mask when working within indoor areas.
  • Limit physical contact with any and all equipment as much as possible. Please set aside any equipment or tools you may come into contact with in designated areas so instructors may sanitize.

Farm Operations

  1. A sanitization station is available outside near the well. Please feel free to utilize this station upon arrival, as well as prior to leaving the facility.
  2. Sanitizer is available on the sideboards at the entrance to the arena. This door must remain open in order to prevent the need to touch handles.
  3. Sinks equipped with sanitizer soap etc are available in the upstairs lounge area for regular hand washing. Please keep them as tidy as possible and alert staff if the washrooms require any attention.
  4. If you choose to wear gloves, we ask that they please be freshly laundered for each visit.
  5. All visitors and staff are expected to maintain a physical distance of two meters at all reasonable times.
  6. Onsite personnel will be limited to essential coaches, staff, grooms, veterinarians, farriers, etc.
  7. Companion animals are restricted from visiting the property.
  8. Doors will be left open whenever possible, without compromising horse or human safety.
  9. Guests are asked to please not attend other barns prior to visiting CRHBA.
  10. All suppliers, including veterinarians and farriers have been made aware of, and are following, CRHBA Health protocols.
  11. Sanitation supplies will be readily available and easily accessible at all times. If you need assistance with these items at any time during your visit, or see supplies running low, please notify the nearest staff member.

Lesson Students & Boarders

  1. A schedule that limits the amount of people allowed at the facility at one a time for riding or visiting their horses and allowing for appropriate physical distancing has been implemented.
  2. Private, semiprivate or small group lessons will be booked based on availability of space, physical distancing logistics and maximum gathering regulations.
  3. Boarders, riders, trainers and coaches will be paired together so that contact can be easily managed, and, in the event of an outbreak, contact trace-back can be easily facilitated and contained.
  4. Riders are asked not to enter the tack room in search of equipment. Grooming kits and fresh reins will be supplied to you upon arrival so that we may sanitize each kit before and after each use.
  5. Personal equipment is permitted however we ask that it be brought out only as needed and returned to your vehicle as soon as possible. Please sanitize before each visit.

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