In Loving Memory: Zoey Waters

zoeyOur little family here at CRHBA changes from year to year. people come and go, moving in for one season or a few, before moving on with their dreams and being swept away by life. Each of those people touches our heart in a unique way and Zoey was no exception to that.
She came into our lives as a uniquely enthusiastic and talented girl who knew her way around a horse better than most people know their way around themselves. She was mature beyond her years, and had a knack for finding the perfect balance between work and play.
It took no time at all to settle into a daily pattern that involved her quite thoroughly. From the morning phone calls on the way in, to the antics that added a bit of shenanigans to the normally humdrum routine thats part of running a barn.
She was quick witted, compassionate, level headed, and sharp as a tack. She had a heart of gold she wore pinned firmly to her sleeve. She knew her mind and had a voice she knew how to use when you needed to know it too. She tucked her friends under her arms and covered them with a blanket of mischief that was cheeky enough to heal any bad day. A spirit this strong is one that we will hold to fiercely, with memories of happiness and fun that are strong enough to make sure that every tear we shed is followed by a laugh. The pain of not having her here with us stings as much as the sorrow of not being able to see how far she would have gone with her life. We gained so much from knowing her, for even such a short time, from the simple fact that she was one of the very best, in every single way.
You’ll always be in our hearts and we’ll miss you every day.
May 11th 2001- January 5th 2020
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  1. becky dobson says:

    This is a beautiful tribute.


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