Saddle Club FAQs

  • Are there make-up classes if my child needs to miss a week?
    • Saddle Club is a set schedule session, and we do not offer make-up lessons. In rare circumstances we might be able to have them attend on another day – only if there is space available. If all the sessions are full, we will not be able to accommodate any switching.
  • Can my child attend multiple sessions of Saddle Club?
    • Saddle Club is intended as a beginner introduction to riding, so the lesson layout does tend to stay the same from session to session. If we have multiple students who are returning for another session, we will be able to keep those kids together and help them grow the skills they already know. Many of our students start out in Saddle Club, and once they have a foundation of knowledge, move to private or semi-private classes to grow their skills further.
  • What should my child wear/bring to Saddle Club?
    • We have lots of helpful suggestions on our Lessons page for what to wear to get started. Since it is a beginner class, most equipment can likely be found in your child’s closet already.
  • Does my child need a helmet for Saddle Club?
    • Students under 18 require a helmet for all riding activities. Helmets are available to rent for $5 per day, and if you are looking to purchase one, our staff can offer recommendations for local tack shops.