Health & Safety Protocols Summer Camp 2020

We are excited to welcome you and your campers back to Conestoga River Horseback Adventures this summer!  Our goal is to work together and ensure that everyone has a safe and fun week! Below is a summary of our required policies and procedures so you will know what to expect from this summers camp experience.


To make sure that everything is in order before camp starts please go to: This form will help us organize groups and complete a preliminary COVID- 19 screening. Please complete this form as soon as possible. Prior to your registered camp week,  you will receive an email with the group number that your camper is in, along with the phone number for your camper’s counsellor. This number will be used solely for sign in and out purposes, counsellors will not be answering other messages for the rest of camp time until pick- up.

The form will ask you to create a password that will be used in order to sign a camper out for the day. It is our new policy that in order for a camper to be signed out for the day the adult picking them up must present the correct password. Unfortunately we will not be able to release a camper for the day if the incorrect password or no password are presented. This new policy is to both ensure that your camper is going home with the correct person, and also reduce the number of people walking around the facility. Please make any adult who will be signing out your camper for the day aware of this policy, and your chosen password, to ensure a smooth sign out process.

Early/Late Care

This year we are trying to reduce the number of campers that require early or late care due to COVID- 19 health and safety restrictions. We are happy to accommodate any special need when absolutely necessary, but we need to plan ahead of time. The service is offered at an additional fee that will be due before camp begins. If we are not made aware of your needs ahead of time the service will not be available as we have to plan our staffing requirements in advance. Please fill out the box in the above form as “yes” and send a separate email to us so we can help you make a plan.

Social Distancing/Sanitation

Campers will be sorted into groups of five. These groups will be maintained with a single counsellor and volunteer helper for the duration of the week. Camper groups will be made first by pre-existing social groups followed by common age or riding ability. Each child will be given a coloured bracelet to wear for the duration of their week to assist with maintaining appropriate groups and reduce the number of people your child will come into contact with. Each group will have a designated “home base” for the week where their bags will be kept. This space will be used for sign in/ out, crafts, and lunch. These bases will be spaced out around the farm, allowing us to keep ample space between each group (See map attached in complete health and safety plan). Each group will have their own porta-potty and sanitation station designated by their group colour. Sanitation stations will be utilized FREQUENTLY. All equipment and supplies will be sorted and sealed for each camper and sanitized thoroughly after each use before being stored.

Sign In/Out

Please stay in your vehicle at all times during drop off and pick up. We are trying to reduce the number of people walking around the farm.

We recommend that all campers and staff wear non-medical face masks during drop- off and pick up times. Campers are not required to wear masks throughout the day.

When you arrive on the Monday of your week you will be greeted by a staff member at the front gate, we ask that you follow their instructions as to where to park your vehicle. This will be the same place you will park whenever you arrive at the farm. Please stay in your vehicle and complete the check- in screening form. Your camper’s counsellor will come to your vehicle to introduce themselves and show your camper to their home base. When you arrive in the afternoon please use the provided cell phone number for your camper’s counsellor, and text them the pre-made password for your camper. A sample message would be “CamperFirstName LastName, password”.

Each day after Monday will follow a similar procedure, when you arrive in the morning park on your designated side of our parking lot, staying in your car. Text your counsellor that you are “signing in” for the day, and either your camper can walk to their base on their own, or a Leader in Training can walk with them. At the end of the day park in the same area, staying inside your vehicle, and text your counsellor the password to sign them out. Again, if a different person is picking up your camper at the end of the day make sure that they have the number for your counsellor along with the correct pick- up password.

Our comprehensive health and safety policies for camp covering each part of the day are available by following the link below. Please take a read through of the document as it covers each daily activity, and how we will be keeping campers safer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our camp policies or procedures we urge you to please contact the farm directly at or 519-888-6503 and we would be pleased to speak with you further. This is new territory for us here at the farm as well so please be patient and understanding. We are open to hearing the feedback of all our guests and we are looking forward to an amazing summer!

Health and Safety Protocols_ Summer 2020

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