Strike Camp


On Friday February 21st, 2020, ALL ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS will be closed to students. 

We are here to offer our full support to both the employees as well as any families affected by the strike actions as they take place. We are hosting a fun and educational day of camp with horseback riding, fun outdoor activities, opportunities to learn about general animal care, and craft time. A day away from school doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t mean a pause in learning. We look forward to having your children here for a great day!

Camp will take place Friday February 21st from 9am-4pm. Early drop off and pick up may be made available depending on the needs of families registered as well as staffing availability.

Please send your child with weather appropriate clothing including snow pants as well as extra layers.

**Cost of camp is is $64 plus tax and is payable via e-transfer. To reserve your space please submit your payment a long with a copy of the waiver form and registration forms directly to**

Registration and Waiver Froms


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