Saddle Club is Growing!

Our Saddle Club has been a valued and much loved program here at Horseback Adventures for quite some time. This program has provided children of many ages and stages opportunities to learn and grow not just by gaining horsemanship skills but also by developing their confidence and ability to work cooperatively and communicate with others.

We have seen an increase in the number of students looking for riding lessons as well as a need for a supportive and positive atmosphere for not just children, but adults as well, to connect with friends and family new and old as well as to thrive as an individual.

In order to effectively respond to this need we are expanding our saddle club program by offering Adults Only Rodeo Club, an All Ages Leveled One and Two Saddle Club, as well as two additional time slots for our regular children’s saddle club. We have also made sure to include a week night Saddle club for Kids session to meet the needs of the many families working around different weekend scheduling arrangements.

If you’ve always wanted to take riding lessons and are looking for a way to get involved with a program but have struggled with finding available time slots or people to come with you, then it’s time to gear up and get out to the barn….Saddle Club is Ready for you!!

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