Price Change

Thank you to all of our valued customers,

We’ve always prided ourselves on making horses accessible to almost everyone. That is one of the reasons why we very rarely raise our prices, but now is the time that we need to balance out the price to expenses ratio.

Come February 25th 2018 we will be raising our prices, anything booked prior to the 25th will withhold the original price.

Current lesson students may purchase as many packages in advance as they would like.

Please ask us about our camp discounts for lesson students and siblings! 

In the next few weeks we will be changing all the prices on the website, please bear with us as we make these changes.

Thank you ,

From the horses and staff

Price Changes


Lesson one time – $45 now $50

Lesson: 1hr Group pkg – $137 now $155

Lesson: 1hr private pkg – $160 now $180 (Mon. Wed. Thurs.)

Lesson: Advanced pkg – $194.60 now $200(Wed. Fri.)

Saddle Club – $260 now $280



Equestrian Camp Short Week – $255 now $260

Equestrian Day Camp 5 Days – $300 now $325

Equestrian Single Day Camp (P.D, March break, Winter break) – $59.29 now $64

Farm Camp Short Week – $200 now $225

Farm Camp 5 Days – $250 now $275

Survival Camp Short Week – $200 now $225

Survival Camp 5 Days – $250 now $275


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